2021 June Graduation

On 4 June 2021, Added Advantage held the certificate presentation for learners attending training at the Engen Community Computer Training Centre. The course is an End User Computing skills program sponsored by Engen, designed to upskill people who live in the Durban South Community. The certificate was for those who started the course in February 2021. The learners received their certificates today for being competent in the following unit standards:

  • Operate a Personal Computer
  • Use Generic Functions in a Windows 10 Environment
  • Managing files in a Windows 10 Environment
  • Use MS Outlook to send and receive messages
  • Use Internet Explorer to search the Internet
  • Use MS Word to create and edit documents
  • Use MS Excel application to create and edit spreadsheets
  • Use PowerPoint to create and edit slide presentation

Thank you Engen for sponsoring the course and thank you Added Advantage for providing the training.

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