Community Service Investment

According to Sheryl Casalis, Director of Added Advantage Academy, their Partnership with Engen has provided computer skills to more than 1433 graduates since they joined forces in 2009. Because of these computer skills learned at the Engen Training School over 300 graduates find have found employment.

Engen Computer School Changing Lives

Engen Refinery Call Centre Operator, Nokukhanya Dlamini thought she knew all she needed about computers until she heard about the Engen Computer School, which is operated by the Added Advantage Academy on behalf of the Refinery.

Nokukhanya is one among the 90 graduates who received certificates in her group. She chose to work night shifts for six months at the Call Centre so that she could attend day classes at the Engen Computer School.

Pensioners who receive their certificates prove that one is never too old to learn. Derrick Parsons (78) says, “I looked at people having fun using computers at the internet cafe’ and thought this is an interesting challenge- I must learn to use a computer.”

Brian Ngcongo says he could not afford the cost of a computer course. He recently completed the course. “Engen and Added Advantage Academy has supported our dreams and brought hope to our lives,” says Brian.



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