Graduate Training

Graduate training programmes ease candidates into the world of work and give them the skills to become part of the larger team. A graduate training programme is a way of bridging the gap.

Graduates are computer literate. They often do not use Microsoft Office applications to their full potential after their second year and or they may be using an earlier version. Many graduates are self taught and efficiency is compromised.

Added Advantage Academy provides a graduate IT program

  • To get your graduates using the Microsoft software to its full potential.
  • Upgrade them to the current version of Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Introduce them to your company’s IT system, policy and procedures
  • Save time and work smarter using Microsoft Excel Intermediate functions
  • Manipulate data and report on data Microsoft Excel Advanced functions
  • Present information professionally using Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced features
  • Email using Microsoft Outlook additional features
  • Being organised with a large work load by using Microsoft OneNote


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