Community Achievement

The 5th September 2019, Added Advantage presented 68 learners from the Engen Community Computer Training centre with certificates. This was a 4 month End User Computing Skills program which included the following unit standards.

  • Operate a Personal Computer
  • Use Generic Functions in a Windows 7 Environment
  • Managing files in a Windows 7 Environment
  • Use Ms Outlook to send and receive messages
  • Use Internet Explorer to search the Internet
  • Use Ms Word to create and edit documents
  • Use Ms Excel application to create and edit spreadsheets
  • Use Ms PowerPoint to create and edit slide presentations

The program is sponsored by Engen Petroleum and administered by Added Advantage.

Community Achievement

Training Your Workforce

How important is it for you to build the capacity of your staff through training? Added Advantage Academy is running a six persons for the cost of five promotion.

Having a well-trained workforce means that our productivity will increase which reduces mistakes, builds confidence in your staff and overall just makes for a happier workforce.

How to Assess Training Needs

If you have an HR Department they can conduct a training needs assessment. If your staff is smaller, it could be a good idea to  assess individuals’ current level of competence, skill or knowledge in one or more areas and also ask your staff how they feel about their work. Do they feel they have enough skills to perform at a professional level? Would they like to learn more or even learn a new skill that could benefit your company or organisation.

A training assessment is the first step to any successful training program. With our 20 plus years of experience the staff at Added Advantage will be happy to help you with your training assessments and make some recommendations.

Training Excel Advanced


How Computer Courses and Computer Training can Benefit You

In the space of the digital era, it has become a basic requirement for individuals, businesses and employees to have a basic understanding of computer programs. If you don’t have the necessary skills, you might want to consider enrolling yourself and team in specialised computer courses and computer training to reap the full benefit of how computer programs and software can work for you.


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