Skills Programs

Skills programmes are unit standard-based programmes that are occupationally based, and when completed, constitute a credit towards a qualification registered in terms of the NQF.

Added Advantage Academy offers skills programmes which consists of a unit standard or group of unit standards that is large enough for the outcome to allow for the learner to become employable. Skills programmes do not result in a qualification themselves upon completion, but will lead to a Learnership qualification.

Skills Programs:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Microsoft Office
  • Business Communication

Skills Development and Skills Levy

  • All companies pay a skills levy which is 1% of the company salary bill
  • Register with the Seta for your Industry
  • Submit a Workplace Skills Plan (This would include training for current employees and Learnerships/Skills programs for unemployed)
  • Claim the 1% Skills Levy

Skills Program MS Office

Skills Program Computer Literacy

Skills Program Business Communication & Management Fundamentals

Skills Program Systems Development

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